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is a trading domain name of DJS Consulting which specialises in providing a personal UK tax service for all Aircrew, UK Resident or Expatriate alike.


                     David Sawyer FFTA IFA Tax Adviser 

is the managing partner who has over 40 years experience within the UK tax profession.

This was initially gained from HMRC and an Expatriate consultancy before spending time with one of the Big 4 Accountancy firms in London.

Then by moving on to a personal tax service provider and former nominated advisory firm for BALPA undertaking further specialism in the field of Aircrew taxation for many years ahead of launching this service and is now a working business partner associated with the PPU.

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                    Sarah Sawyer Partner

Sarah has also specialised in dealing with Expatriates and Aircrew so we will be delighted to hear from you in order to determine how best to assist you in connection with your tax affairs.


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